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End of Year Day of Prayer

We believe every believer is a witness for Jesus Christ Reach at the least ONE person with the Gospel On The Last Day of Each Year



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Millions of Christians in over 1500 nations are already sharing the Gospel message on that day through prayer and worship in community groups and churche's around the globe. The vision is for every follower of Jesus Christ to share the Gospel with at least one person ONLINE or offline on the last Day of Each Year. It’s an active prayer – a witness to faith, a cry of hope and a pledge to be disciples for peace together.

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End of Year Day of Prayer


The movement aims to bring together people of various races, cultures and traditions in a yearly common Day of Prayer, as well as in closer fellowship, understanding and action throughout the year.

Testimony and Prayer


It is so important that we all – whatever our denomination – kneel together as part of the united body of Christ to pray for our brothers and sisters around the globe who are yet to give their lifes to Jesus Christ.

Technology and Evangelism


It’s hard to express the degree to which the Internet is changing society. With mobile technology becoming such a huge part of our lives most people couldn’t envision life without it. At every point within the bible God made a way for His Church to embrace the opportunities to tell more people of His love, and we believe that the Internet is no different. At Godinterest we couldn’t be more convinced that God has a purpose for this technology, and so Godinterest is dedicated to utilising it to empower believers throughout the world to share the life changing message of Jesus. We can share our messages of hope and love online.



Jesus is at work in our world today and we, as His disciples, are entrusted with the amazing privilege of being His co-workers. However, there is a mentality around which would suggest that, now we are Christians, this world is like some kind of cosmic ‘waiting room’ in which we sit idly waiting for either death or the return of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth! Rather, we are now to work with Jesus and serve others in His Name. What we do is called ‘ministry’ and the exciting challenge before us is to discover just what kind of ministry we are to fulfil.


World Record

Lets set a world record for the amount of people praying and giving testimonies online at the same time. Provide us with your websites RSS feed and we will live stream all prayers and testimonies through our platform #Godinterest


Inviting a someone over for a meal and tell them about Jesus Christ, a nurse in a hospital, a policeman, doctor or homeless person. "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans" (Proverbs 16:3).

Small Groups

Praying in small groups is a great way to grow closer to God as a community. Whether you gather with friends, a prayer triplet, a cell, a house group, with fellow students or co-workers, small numbers make for a flexible and engaging time of prayer. If you’re not in a small group already then gather a group of three to eight people and find a place and time to meet.


Do something good for the needy, sickly or elderly in hospitals, prisons, children homes, homeless etc For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in Matthew 25:35


Visiting home to home or strategic campaigns with other churches that aim to engage in Christian service by serving human need and breaking down barriers between people.


Churches and Charities are invited to pray for peace and to also share their prayers via Godinterest, WordPress, Blogger, Facebook or Twitter Hashtag (#godinterest). Churches are encouraged to translate our prayers into their national languages and share it with their congregations.

Pray for your city

Take a recent local newspaper and go through it finding things to pray for. Cut them out and create a board you can pray through around the needs and opportunities in your city.

Pray For Each Other

Put a chair in the middle of the group and have one person at a time take turns in the chair while the rest lay hands on them and pray. If people are unfamiliar with praying aloud then start by asking everyone to pray one short, positive prayer of blessing over each other. You can dedicate a prayer meeting to praying for everyone in the group or you can pray this way for one person each week..

Prayer Walk

Pick a place and walk with the intention of asking God to show you where He’s at work, what He cares about and how you can pray for yourself and others around you. Keep a prayer dairy and take a moment share your progress on #Godinterest









End of Year Prayers

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93 % of church members never share the Gospel with others “If we can figure out a way to turn an audience into an army – it will change the world.”

Rick Warren

American Pastor

End of Year Day of Prayer is a catalyst to mobilize the church for evangelism. Offer individual prayers and organize community-wide prayer services in your city and congregation.

Dean Jones

Project Manager

We can make a difference. We invite you to learn more about how you can be a part of the Prayer and Action movement today.

Kevin Brown


Global Prayer


If you have an important question about the EOYDOP which is not listed here, or you want to partner with us, you can contact our staff via the online contact form or by emailing dayofprayer@godinterest.com.
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